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School uniforms must be purchased exclusively from All Uniform Wear, and will be sold from their store located at 6211 E. Hillsborough Ave. or online at www.alluniformwear.com.

Uniform Policy

Download and print Dress Code Policy (pdf)

A higher standard of dress encourages greater respect for individuals, students and others, and results in a higher standard of behavior. Our dress code guidelines indicate appropriate school dress during normal school days for every student.  Henderson Hammock Charter School reserves the right to interpret these guidelines and/or make changes during the school year. Students are expected to follow these guidelines. If a student comes to school without the proper uniform, they will be kept/sent to the front office and remain there until a parent/guardian brings a proper uniform for the student.

All uniforms must be purchased from All Uniform Wear. No other shirt or pant bottom will be permitted.


Hair must be neat and clean with no “unnatural” colors i.e. fluorescent, bright green, mohawks, spikes, head symbol shavings, etc. Hair that is distracting to the educational setting will not be allowed. The decision about whether hair or make up is appropriate will be at the administration’s discretion. No hats, hoodies, headbands, scarves, or bandanas may be worn. No make-up will be worn in school. If a student wears make-up to school, they will be asked to remove it in the front office.  The parent may be contacted for inappropriate hair or make up, as necessary.


Students must wear closed shoes at all times. No heavy military type boots or shoes with metal tips may be worn. No stacked or pumped shoes may be worn. We recommend sneakers or flat dress shoes. No wheeled sneakers, bedroom/other slippers, or pointed/cowboy boots. All shoes must have a closed toe and back. Students should not wear black sole shoes as they scuff the classroom and dining room floors.


Socks must be worn daily and must be white. Fishnet stockings or other inappropriate leg wear is not acceptable. Socks should be worn no higher than lower calf height.


All shirts must be tucked in and purchased from the designated uniform company with the school’s logo. Elementary students’ color is red[1]. Elementary students are required to wear polo shirts with short or long sleeves bearing the school logo.

Middle school students’ colors are navy blue or white1 with short or long sleeves.  T-shirts are not allowed as normal school day wear. Only one solid white, gray, or black t-shirt may be worn underneath the polo shirts. T-shirts may not be visible below the shirt hem or cuff. The polo shirt must be worn every day to school.

Students participating in PE or an after-school sporting function may wear the approved Henderson Gray PE shirt provided by All Uniform Wear. These shirts must be worn underneath the normal school uniform and are not allowed to be the only shirt worn to school.


Students in grades K-8 must wear CSUSA Khaki or Navy bottoms (shorts, slacks, skorts)

Absolutely no jeans will be allowed on any day (no matter the temperature), except on designated Jeans Days when the student may wear appropriate jeans if the student chooses to participate as a fund raiser.


Navy blue school authorized jackets and school authorized zippered sweatshirts without hoodies are the only outerwear permitted Henderson Hammock Charter School. Parents may purchase the school’s navy blue jacket or sweatshirt from All Uniform Wear that provides the rest of the school uniform.


A belt must be worn at all times with any article of clothing as belt loops are part of the school uniform pant. It should be fitted around the waist so that excess length can be tucked in loops and NOT hanging. Belts must be plain khaki, brown, black or navy (not white or bright-colored). Belts cannot have dangling items, large buckles, or logo/written items.


Boys and girls may not wear body piercing other than earrings in the ear lobe. One earring per ear may be worn. For safety reasons, only a stud or a tiny hoop earring can be worn. (Tiny hoops can be no larger than an adult pinky finger.) Limited jewelry can be worn such as a watch, small bracelet, and thin necklace/chain. For safety reasons, necklaces/chains should be worn inside of school uniform, NOT on top of the uniform shirt. Bracelets need to be limited to one per wrist to eliminate unnecessary noise and distractions.


At no time are students to wear anything offensive, immodest or deemed inappropriate by the faculty. ALL CLOTHING SHOULD BE LABELED WITH THE STUDENTS NAME. Parents of students in Kindergarten are encouraged to leave a Ziploc bag labeled with the child’s name with a spare change of clothes in the classroom throughout the year for emergencies.


Level I – Verbal warning.

Level II – School sends home a uniform violation note/stamp or student will call parent from office to obtain correct uniform.

Level III – Student will call parent from office to obtain correct uniform. Student will wait in the office for parent to bring correct uniform.

1 Color subject to change